Bali Wedding Ceremony

Full Legal Wedding

You will experience two types of ceremonies, Religious ceremony and followed by the civil ceremony. The religious part will be conducted by a representative of the couple’s own religious belief (i.e. a Priest for Catholics, a Minister for Protestants, a celebrant for Hindus and Buddhists and a Penghulu for Muslims). You are also required to present a ’Certificate of No Impediment’ “or similar document issued by your consulate or Embassy Representative within Indonesia for the Civil ceremony. Requirements to obtain Certificate of No Impediment will be based on the couple’s Nationalities. There will be two certificates presented at the end of the ceremony, one from the Church and the other from the Civil Registrar.

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Religious Wedding

A religious ceremony must be performed before the civil ceremony. Therefore, those who have already been legally married in their own country but wish to exchange their vows or even renew their vows may take this type of service. It is important to know that Indonesia will marry any couple who hold one of the 5 religions recognized by this country (Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist) and actually prefer that the couple are in the same religious belief, the religious ceremony is performed by a representative of the couple’s own religious belief i.e. Protestant couple may not have a Hindu ceremony but it is possible to have a Symbolic Balinese Blessing.

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Commitment Style Wedding

This ceremony is performed to declare your vows in front of your guests using your own special words. It is also chosen by couples who are unable to be married because of enjoying an alternative life style but who wish to make a commitment to each other for a life together. There is no religious official or government registrar.

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Renewal Vows

Renewal Vows are the re-declaration of wedding vows. The process is not much different from a religious wedding and there is no certificate, just a notification letter from the organizer. The couple can have their own words to declare. This style is not a formal one, but it may reflect upon the next life. To perform the renewal vows package, you should provide copies of passports (both partners).

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Flash Wedding

The flash!! Is a very common word, specially for children. The Flash is a cartoon film where the hero can change everything in a few seconds. Bali Exotic Wedding is a FLASH wedding organizer in Bali who can arrange your wedding at the very last minute, very instant!! Many couples have changed their minds not to marry their fiancées, but many of them also changed their minds to get married after they arrive in Bali, all without planning before. In the beautiful island of Bali, Bali Exotic Wedding can help you to arrange everything for your flash wedding.

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